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No more cat barf!! A friend sent me a link to these bowls he saw on fb after he watched my two kitties while I was on vacation & he found out how often they were throwing up. So I ordered the double one since I have two cats and they have a separate water fountain to drink from. So not only are these bowls adorable and super easy to clean but they actually work! My cats still have occasional hair balls but not barfing every other day like they used to! I love that not
Only is it elevated but its at an angle as well! The bowls come off easily to be cleaned. I really wish I had found these years ago when I first got my kitties! I highly recommend these cat bowls!!

Vomit free bowls

My cats aren’t real picky on what the eat out of just what they eat. My female cat tends to eat too fast and throws up. Being elevated these bowls seem to help , so maybe it wasn’t eating too fast but the angle at which she was leaning down to eat.

Good for early kitten development

Easy to clean, and my little girl eat easily. The bowls are vey stable on the tray, and the tray stays still while she’s eating and drinking. My kitten didn’t make any mess of it. Good for anyone that wants to prevent health issues down the road for their kitten. no vomit. thanks

Works like a charm

No more vomiting and better position eating for my cat. everything is good.

This bowl is amazing!

I love that these bowls are titled and raised. Even though cats in the wild eat on the ground, it may not always be the most comfortable way, especially when they tilt their head down so much. My cat eats/drinks so much easier with the Kitty Bowl Plus. If there were to be improvements made, probably make it a little easier to remove the bowls (although i know they are there so it doesn't spill)

Splended! My cat loves it. no more vomiting!

I bought this bowl because my cat vomits often. It may be too early to tell, but it's already been a week and I haven't cleaned up any messes. It's very cute and works well for feeding my kitten.

Stops the vomit!

One of my cats would throw up after every single meal. After purchasing and using this bowl, I haven’t had to clean up vomit in several days!! This double cat bowl has helped tremendously and eliminated my cats vomiting issues. Had I known the angle of his bowl would make a difference, I would’ve purchased this months ago! The bowl is sturdy, easy to clean, and lightweight.

Love the way it works.

This bowl works wonders by the design. Big enough to hold enough food and water for my kitties. Anti slip on the bottom so it does not budge. Raised and tilted so my cats don't have to bend their legs anymore. Amazing.

Definitely a good investment.

We bought this for our cats 🐈 for feeding purposes only. We have a cat that would get sick and vomit literally everything he ate. We changed food, limited the quantity he could have a one time and he was still vomiting EVERYTIME. I started researching and found this product and was like "Ok, I have done everything I can think of and everything the vet suggested so what the hell; I will try this and see how it goes." I must say I am very surprised at how well it worked. My cat hasn't vomited one time since we started using this feeder. That's been about 2 months give or take. It is also stylish and cute. Not only do the tilted bowls help with alignment and swallowing issues, the bowl design is made to prevent damage of your felines whiskers so, that was just an added bonus.

Start them young!

I have two adorable little kitties. First-time cat owner here but I was able to realize how much strain they were putting on their joints in order to eat off the bowl on the floor. Not only is this bowl raised, but it is also tilted so they don't have to hover directly above the bowl to eat their food. They eat much more comfortably and naturally now. Great and healthy way for them to eat. I just bought one to test it out, but needless to say, I need two!

Please give your cat this.

My cat is getting old. I wish I could've gotten this sooner because my cat doesn't have to struggle to eat now. I can't have imagined how hard it was for him to eat before this. No more flat unraised bowls in this family!


I very satisfied with that bowl. I think that my cat can eat better now.

Great idea, but in need a bigger bowl!!

I have two kitties eating out of the same dish so I need bigger bowls. I don't want to buy two sets of these Kitty Bowls.

Hello Wes - Unfortunately, the single Kitty Bowl is only recommended for 1 kitty each. The double bowl can be used for 2 cats eating simultaneously. Thank you for your review and we will take it into consideration for product improvement!


I find these cat dishes and stand definatley made it much better for my 2 rag dolls to eat out of but they still ate their food from the side until I put a small paving brick under the stand and now they eat side by side at the front and no throwing their food up any more so a great invention thankyou

The angle

I like that it’s angled which is better for the cat. The angle makes it easy to portion the food also. When I pour the water I get scared it’ll overflow but my cat loves it and it makes less of a mess compared to a flat bowl.

Cat bowl love

In order to buy a bowl for the kitten, I looked at many bowls and finally chose this one. This kind of cat bowl is of fine workmanship and high quality. The whole water cup has no peculiar smell and is easy to use. It likes to eat a lot every time and it's easy to clean

change wate roften

Cats took to it right away.

Adorable and easy to take apart to clean

It looks exactly like the photo, the little bowls click into the base easily and click out easy, making it very easy to clean. My cat drinking a lot of water out of it, hopefully because the angle actually makes it easier for her to.
Overall, its super cute and my cat really likes it too.


Very convenient, easy to maintain and stylish.

ease of use

Works great no issues with cat getting sick anymore

Easy to use and clean

My cat likes these. I like the fact that they are easy to clean.

Great Product

I don’t usually write reviews but I always read them so I thought I would help out some future fur babies. I think it’s a great product I have not had any problems with it at all and my cat loves it! It’s better for their necks and it’s better than metal which is bad for cats. Definitely worth the buy! Good luck!

it works!

My cats would vomit all the time with regular cat bowls! First week of using and no vomiting! Would highly recommend this product!

Great bowls, cats love them, just need a bigger version

I like and my 2 cats likes it, however the water bowl needs to be a bit bigger. I still keep an additional water bowl out since doesn't seem to hold enough. maybe will need to buy 2

Hello Hector - we are so sorry to hear that the Kitty Bowl Plus doesn't fit your needs in terms of space. Our bowls are currently only rated one bowl per kitty. If you have more than one kitty, we strongly suggest you to have more than one.

Dog loves it

I like this bowl for my dog. He had to have his bottom front teeth removed, a flat dish does not work for
him anymore, I bought this cat bowl because it tilts and it helps him eat without spilling all over the floor.